Osamu Miyazawa


73 years old (As of July 2019 interview)

Year of birth:


Place of residence:

Machida City, Tokyo

Relatives living together:

Lives with my spouse, a child and spouse, and a grandchild (5 people)


Former general worker at an electrical company / former tourism volunteer

Age of onset:

About 71 years old

Age of diagnosis:

71 years old


Alzheimer type

Using long-term care insurance:

Using day service (twice per week)

Past experiences



After I retired from work, I was living an active life (doing some volunteer work, for example) but began to see signs of forgetfulness.
I started to cause accidents while driving and let go of my car.
I was diagnosed with dementia.


I received a certification of nursing-care eligibility.
I had a desire to work and my family wanted me to stay active. I was physically fit, too. These elements brought me to the current day service where I can work.

Joy in life and living


Joy that remains with you even after onset

Climbing the Hundred Famous Mountains in Japan. Climbing a mountain gives me a sense of accomplishment and refreshment.


Joy that remains with you even after onset

Walking my dog every morning


Joy that remains with you even after onset

Reading novels and other books

Something you would like to do in the future

Climbing mountains. I want to entertain everyone in the mountains with barbecues and other activities.

Challenges in daily living

Physical and mental dysfunctions

Message to the society

I want an active life! I want to work. I want to go to the mountains.